My Studio

In the summer of  2011 we had a combination studio/greenhouse built on our property. Since our house sits very far back on our property, the studio was built between the house and the road, overlooking the small creek that runs through the property. This is what the site looked like before construction.

This is what it looks like nearly finished.

 Just finished, Ray's greenhouse on the right side.

And now.

My son-in-law, who was an architect in his native country of Ecuador designed the building.

There is a main floor and a loft area. The loft was intended mostly for storage, but turned out to be such a lovely space that am using it as a sitting/reading area and even a guest space occasionally.
There is a small bathroom on the main floor with a deep laundry sink for washing out paint brushes and fabrics and silkscreens.

Sewing table

Ironing table on casters. Made from a corner kitchen cabinet with lazy susan shelves inside.

Cutting table, ironing and work area

Design Wall. The door to the left is the bathroom.

Storage/stash - art supplies in cupboards, fabric in tubs and bins.



Lighting was a major consideration. There are windows on the north and south walls and skylights on the east side of the roof. The work area on the main floor has six recessed lights and the open area above the design wall and stairway is lighted with three sets of track lights. I added a hanging light over the cutting table which was located under the stairway and not well-lighted. I find the light quite adequate. I located plentiful outlets to accommodate sewing machine, irons, lights, etc.

I wanted a floor surface that would not hide pins or grab thread. I chose a commercial grade composition tile that is easily swept and mopped. and resistant to denting or damage from falling scissors or rolling furniture.

I had the interior painted a very neutral white to maximize the  light and reflect only neutral light. The gray and white floor covering was also selected to maintain neutral light in the space.

The main floor and the loft are heated separately with small wall heaters.

More photos:

The view from my sewing machine


  1. Anonymous6:23 PM

    What a wonderful space!!!! Thanks for sharing! Great ideas...cheers su "-}

  2. Can't imagine having such a wonderful space to work with. I liked the sewing table idea. Why can't they make tables like that? The front access inset is something I haven't seen.

  3. My family would never ever see me is the one thought that resonated over and over while reading this post and looking at your studio pics!

  4. You're a lucky girl. Thanks for showing us.

  5. What a lovely custom area.

  6. Everyone should be sew lucky to have such a nice creative work space. Our spare bedroom is part bedroom and part sewing/crafting room,

  7. Beautifully done!! I have a large spare bedroom I call my studio. But would love a free standing one like yours!! Have Fun in 2013!

  8. I have a spare bedroom I call my studio but would love to have a free standing one like yours!! Have fun in 2013!!

  9. Such a wonderful, tranquil space to create. It is inviting and I can only assume, an inspiring place to create. I am happy for you. Thank you for sharing.

  10. How wonderful to have a place you can go and create. Love the lighting.

  11. Having so much light and space with such a view must be inspiring. I am sure that when you are working on something the space gets messy and you can fill up all the spaces with fabric and supplies. We tend to collect and spread to the space that we are confined to. My hubby thinks that I will eventually take over the house.

  12. I love the ironing table from the corner cabinet!

  13. Your studio is one I long for. Thank you for sharing it and your wonderful works of art. A true inspiration.

  14. Your studio is one I have longed for. It is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it as well as your wonderful creations. A definite inspiration.

  15. Beautiful! And I see you have your Ginny Doll in a place of honor :)

  16. Wonderful works, you are a very talented artist

  17. Such a fantastic space! And the lighting is fabulous!

  18. Thanks for showing your studio. Loads of great ideas and I LOVE the floor!